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The Procedure

How does it work?

At the first appointment Rob will assess your implant site, looking in detail at your bone, what teeth you have around the site and also any opposing teeth in your other jaw. He will want to understand what it is you are hoping to gain and what he can do to help you. If you have an important end date, such as a wedding, please tell him.

Implant treatment must be carefully planned and each patient’s mouth is very individual. Rob will also be looking to see the type of forces in play- the back teeth in particular have huge forces going through them and for implant treatment to be successful, the right implant must be chosen and the correct amount of time needs to be allowed for osseointegration which is the process by which the implant becomes firmly attached to your bone.

CT Scan

An Xray Rob may refer you for that shows more information about the bone at the implant site as well as the location of other vital structures.

Written Report

Rob will send you a report which will detail what he has found, a treatment plan that will explain the advantages and disadvantages of implants and alternative treatment plans that you could have instead should you decide that implants are not for you. You will then be able to discuss this fully with Rob either over the phone or during a consultation appointment.

Pre Implant Appointment

This usually takes place about a week before the implant placement. Rob will go through the procedure and risks, and the pre and post operative instructions with you. Part payment will be required at the appointment. This is because the implants have to be bought in specially for you and the surgery made sterile using specially bought in drape kits.

Implant Appointment

The treatment will take place in Rob’s surgery and he will have explained how long he thinks it will take. If during the appointment he finds that he needs to change the plan slightly, for example the bone is not quite wide enough, he will stop and discuss what he would like to do next.

After the appointment, Rob will call you at home to see how you are feeling and answer any queries you may have.

Rob will give you his contact details so that you can call him at any time should you need to.

Removal of the stitches

This takes place a week to ten days after placement. This is dependent on where the implant has been placed.

Restoration – Placing the crown on the implant

The success of your treatment depends on the osseointegration of the implant into your bone. This process can take anything from 2 months to 6 months and Rob will have told you want to expect in the treatment plan.

For a single implant there are two appointments involved, the first to take impressions and the second one about 2 weeks later to fit the crown.

If you are concerned about having a gap during the treatment, Rob will be able to discuss what temporary options are available to you, so that you can feel comfortable knowing that the gap cannot be seen.


Implant treatment is very successful, however to give it the best chance for lasting as long as possible, Rob feels that you must see the hygienist regularly to have teeth and implants cleaned. Rob’s research project for his MSc was about Peri-Implantitis and he has shown that patients who look after their gums and see a hygienist regularly are less likely to develop the condition.

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